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Our Philosophy

Honoring Florida Heritage.

At Twelve Oaks Community Farms, we strive to be an example of Florida at its best. We’re passionate about selecting the vegetable varieties that not only promote Florida's farming heritage, but bring the very best flavor to your table.

Building trust with our customers.

We believe in total transparency between producers and consumers. We want you to be connected to the process from our field to your plate. Periodically we host on farm events and are always interested in showing our farm to our customers through private tours, on farm workshops, hosting events and sharing our story.

Maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Twelve Oaks Community Farms utilizes three main farming principles: natural and organic seeds to ensure quality produce; composting and proper crop rotation to maximize natural plant nutrition and reduce waste; and organic and natural methods to avoid unnecessary exposure to harmful pesticides or herbicides. While not certified "organic", we are proud to be GMO (genetically modified organism) free and are committed to adhering to organic farming principles.  Plants are given a hands-on individual care to promote better quality produce and maintain a healthy balance of harvest and production.