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Farmers Market:  The HCGA connects growers to consumers through our farmers market by providing EBT/SNAP and debit/credit processing for growers who do not have their own equipment, processing Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program vouchers (state/USDA funded supplemental nutrition assistance that is limited to local produce), and processing Fresh Access Bucks transactions (state/USDA funded dollar matching program that is limited to local produce).  The HCGA provides assistance to growers who are interested in participating but are in need of tables/canopy etc.

County Wide CSA:  The HCGA provides transaction services to growers who wish to participate.  The HCGA coordinates and facilitates aggregation and packaging of produce from farms throughout the county to fill CSA subscriptions.  This enables growers with limited varieties to combine their produce with other growers and deliver the widest variety to the consumer while reducing the risk associated with CSA production requirements.  By hosting a CSA pickup location, individual growers increase on farm traffic and benefit from increased on-farm direct marketing opportunities.  

Wholesale Distribution:  The HCGA serves as a marketing co-op for growers who wish to sell wholesale to restaurants, institutions, distributors, and schools.  The HCGA centralizes transaction services for growers by providing a single point of sale for wholesale buyers, and provides supply chain logistics in conjunction with the acquisition of an aggregation and distribution facility. Collective Marketing:  The HCGA promotes individual farms on its website, offering dedicated web pages with interactive produce availability, contact information and directions for each grower, as well as online ordering for those who wish to participate.  Growers receive immediate payment while the HCGA absorbs billing/payment delays.  Post-operating (net profit) dividends are distributed to growers equitably in accordance with their level of participation allowing them to benefit from fluctuating markets without the risk associated with production capacity.  The HCGA markets equitably and collectively for all participating growers in order to provide a consistent supply to the CSA and wholesale market, effectively reducing production pressure on individual growers.