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Our Values

Pride – We believe the presence of a vital, high quality farmers’ market enhances our neighborhood’s distinct character.

Community -We believe that nurturing relationships in shared public spaces builds neighborhoods.

Food Focus – We concentrate on produce to support local farmers, a healthy local food system and a healthy community.

Equity – We believe that everyone deserves access to fresh, local food from their neighborhood farmers’ market.

Trusteeship – We believe we have an obligation always to be mindful of the Market’s integrity, sustainability and prosperity.

Education – We believe in providing educational experiences related to healthy communities and sustainability.

Civic Participation – We believe that informal social gatherings of neighbors in open public spaces encourage civic participation in our community.

Volunteerism – We believe that volunteers and an active and supported volunteer program are essential to the success of our Market and a healthy community.

Fun – We believe that involvement in the Hernando County Growers Association should be enjoyable and rewarding.