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Membership:  Reaching growers and producers in and around Hernando county has proven a significant challenge as many growers are not "listed" in traditional directories.  Reaching these growers is critical to our success as our number one mission is to connect small local growers with the community and bolster their business.

Open Letters of Support:  Open "letters of support" from industry members convey confidence in our mission when we approach sponsors and donors, as well as potential members and customers.  Open letters of support pave the way for future partnerships by providing an opportunity for us to request advice, guidance and coaching, and recommendations from industry leaders who have a relevant interest in the success of our efforts.

Specific Letters of Support:  Targeted letters of support define specific contributions and partnership from industry members in the form of in-kind, financial and promotional assistance as well as resource and information sharing.  These are especially needed as part of our grant application requirements to receive additional funding for marketing, operations, facilities and grower assistance.

Sponsorship:  Sponsorship gives us the financial capital required to promote, market, organize and operate programs to connect growers with consumers, assist growers in expanding capacity, and facilitate their participation.  Conditional sponsorship for dollar matching and cost share grants allow the donor to specify which project they are interested in supporting.